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Lucy Meifield

Small batch, single origin, artisanal chocolate


About Us


Our Story

Lucy Meifield is the collaboration of husband and wife team, Sara and Brecht Saelens. Our chocolate maker, Brecht, is a native born Belgian, so loving chocolate is in his DNA; but his connection to chocolate goes beyond national pride. His great uncle was also a chocolate maker. Learn more.


Our Ingredients

The Lucy Meifield philosophy is "keep it simple." Our artisanal chocolate is free from soy lecithin, artificial flavors, vegetable oils, preservatives and other unnecessary additives. We use cacao and non GMO cane sugar. Our milk chocolate also contains milk powder and cocoa butter. Learn More 


Our Chocolate

We want the unique flavor of each region to be the star of every bar. So, we only produce single origin chocolate, presented simply with few ingredients. Learn about our process here. 


Featured Artists

Each of our bars is wrapped in the work of an artist we love. If you feel drawn to one in particular, please visit our Featured Artists section and click on a painting  to learn more about the artist. 


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17 South Main Street, Cassadaga, New York 14718, United States

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