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Lucy Meifield

Small batch, single origin, artisanal chocolate

Life of a Chocolate Maker


About Brecht and Sara

Lucy Meifield is the collaboration of husband and wife team, Sara and Brecht Saelens. Our chocolate maker, Brecht, is a native born Belgian, so loving chocolate is in his DNA; but his connection to chocolate goes beyond national pride. His great uncle was also a chocolate maker. When Brecht moved to the States, he wanted to carry his family with him. Chocolate making is the bridge that connects him to his roots. It is his way of sharing his heritage with family and friends and with you.

Sara is a baker whose mother taught her French buttercreams and pâte à choux at age 7. She has always loved the warmth and coziness that comes with sharing delicious pastries with friends and family and with the public in her own bakery. When Lucy Meifield was born, she found herself so impressed with the chocolate and so eager to share it with everyone that she naturally (and unexpectedly!) fell into the role of promotions and sales.


The intertwining of food and family and friends is a big part of the Lucy Meifield legacy. We love that our children are growing up with the scent of roasting cacao; that they can experience something of their heritage through smell and taste; and that they can witness the creation of the world’s most treasured delight from bean to bar. 

When you purchase Lucy Meifield chocolate, enjoy it with someone you love and carry on the tradition!