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Lucy Meifield

Small batch, single origin, artisanal chocolate

Our Ingredients

Responsibly Sourced Cacao


Our cacao is responsibly sourced from Central and South America. We exclusively work with suppliers that pay fair prices and honor transparency practices. Learn more. 

Non-GMO Cane Sugar


We only use non-GMO cane sugar that is processed in vegan-certified facilities. So, our 70% chocolates are truly vegan. 

Pure Cocoa Butter


Only pure, high quality cocoa butter is used in our milk chocolates to create that melt-in-your mouth experience we all love. 

Whole Milk Powder


Our milk powder is 100% powdered whole milk and nothing more. 

Pure Chocolate


Our chocolate is free from additives. You will not encounter lecithins, vegetable oils, preservatives or anything that might taint the rich experience of enjoying high quality chocolate in its purest form.