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Lucy Meifield

Small batch, single origin, artisanal chocolate

Reviews and Media Coverage

Buffalo Spree Magazine

Almost a decade ago, Sara met Brecht, a native of Belgium, at a retreat in rural Georgia. The two were wed soon after and settled in Cassadaga. Sara’s Lily Dale coffee shop, Lucy’s, found loyal customers early on, and Brecht’s passion for chocolate and his limited access to the quality of chocolate he was accustomed to led him to order some home equipment to do research. Lucy Meifield (a conjoining of their middle names) functions as an addition to the coffee shop, and its single origin chocolate wrapped in brilliantly colored labels has been winning fans ever since. Continue Reading.

Family Focus Blog

"Lucy Meifield is the collaboration of husband and wife team, Sara and Brecht Saelens. Brecht, is a native born Belgian, and chocolate making runs in his family. Belgian chocolate is known as some of the best chocolate in the world and after tasting Lucy Meifield artisan chocolate bars I can see that his chocolate making skills live up to these expectations." Continue Reading

Flicks and Food

"I suggest you savor each bar like I did. Don’t eat it quickly like other bars. Take a bite and allow it to sit and slowly melt on your palate. By doing this I was able to slowly allow the flavors of the decadent chocolate to come through. They say chocolate, similar to wine, has many layers of expression. Taking my time with these bars let me find & explore all their flavors. I even closed my eyes so as to take my other senses out of play for a moment. I wanted to just be with the variances of flavors." Continue Reading

Two Classy Chics

"They each have a distinct chocolate flavor to them and what we both loved is that there was no bitterness to them at all. The texture was smooth! We like to break off a little block and just let it melt in our mouths. That’s the best way to enjoy chocolate…slow and easy. Oh my gosh, these chocolates are good!!!" Continue Reading 

An Edible Mosaic

"In addition to their delicious chocolate, I was impressed by the lovely artwork on their packaging. After eating the chocolate bar, I feel like the wrapping is just too pretty to get rid of!" Learn more 

Girl Eats world

"What if they’re heart is great but their product is not? What if they’re great on paper but the taste doesn’t meet my chocoholic standards? Well, I’m relieved to report that the chocolate bars taste amazing. Even Sugarface, who is not the biggest fan of chocolate, found himself stealing little bites chocolate and murmuring delighted words of approval." Continue reading

Hungry Hungry Hippie

"Allow me to introduce you all to THE BEST CHOCOLATE I have ever tried.  EVER.

I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true.  And as you all know I’ve tried a lot of chocolate.  And I have some major faves.  But that was before I had Lucy Meifield Chocolate." Continue Reading 

Food Gal

"Belgian-born chocolatier Brecht Saelens and his baker-wife Sara make small-batch, single-origin, bean-to-bar chocolate in New York that not only satisfies a sweet tooth but also anyone with a discerning eye for art." Continue Reading

Week 99er

"With a commitment to using better ingredients and making a positive change in the world, Lucy Meifield is setting a new bar of what your chocolate should be." Continue Reading

Little Family Adventure

"Chocolate lovers enjoy these artisanal single origin chocolate bars. They are simply made with premium ingredients, but without the high price." Continue Reading 

Turning the Clock Back

"You may wonder if artisan chocolate gifts are worth the extra money. I recently enjoyed the delicious flavor of Lucy Meifield chocolate.  After that experience, I can honestly say that yes, they ARE worth the money!" Continue Reading